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November 12th 2015



Brenda Butler has been an investigator of U.F.O’s and the paranormal since 1965, She is a resident of Leiston in Suffolk England just a few miles from Rendlesham Forest. Brenda was the first investigator to hear that a UFO had landed in the Rendlesham Forest at her New Year’s party just a few days after the incident. Her investigations started almost immediately. She shared her information with fellow researcher, Dot Street, who joined in with the investigation. They were later joined by researcher Jenny Randles. Their investigations were the subject of the first book written on the Rendlesham Forest Incident called “Skycrash”.
Today Brenda is still investigating the phenomenon, She is a frequent visitor to the Rendlesham Forest where she can often be found showing visitors around. She is a regular speaker at Conferences, lectures and has been a guest on local radio on numerous occasions.



Jenny Randles was born in the Pennine hills on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border – a region that has for decades had the highest percentage of alien abduction and UFO encounters in the UK. This link was a factor in her growing interest in the subject as a child. She took college courses in geology and astronomy but specialized in media communications, working on educational videos. In 1979 she published her first book, “UFOs: A British Viewpoint“. The book is co-authored with Manchester astronomer Peter Warrington. 48 further books were published up to 2004 including “Science and the UFOs” in 1985 (again with Warrington) based on a 1983 article that they had accepted – the first from a Ufologist – by New Scientist magazine (‘The Neglected Science of UFOs’).
Over a million copies of Jenny’s books have been sold with editions in more than 20 countries. Many have been about UFOs including “UFO Study” (a guide to investigators, which she has made freely available on line), “The Pennine UFO Mystery” (investigating one of Europe’s best known cases where a police officer was abducted from his patrol car on duty), “Sky Crash” (with Brenda Butler and Dot Street) – the first book about the Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980 and the first of three that Jenny wrote on the case. “Abduction” (the first British book on abduction cases), “Star Children” (investigating witnesses who had psychic phenomena and UFO cases that made them suspect they were not entirely human), “Something in the Air” (covering mid-air and pilot UFO encounters) and “The UFOs that Never Were” (with Dr David Clarke and Andy Roberts) which looked at UFO cases that had been solved or partly explained).
Apart from UFOs, Jenny has published books investigating ESP, precognition, time slips, spontaneous human combustion and The Afterlife – a best seller on life after death (with horror writer Peter Hough).
Jenny coined the term ‘Oz Factor’ to describe the physiological and psychological experiences that occur during close proximity to a UFO. And in her book ‘Time Storms’ proposed a type of UAP (unidentified atmospheric phenomenon) of that name that distorts space and time and has been consistently reported around the world. Her last book – before pausing writing, touring and lecturing to become a full time carer – was in 2004 and described the race by science to construct the first time machine. Recent contributions have been restricted to a monthly column for Fortean Times magazine. Jenny has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows around the world and wrote and presented BBC TV documentaries on UFOs in 1975 and in 1996. She was also the story consultant for the hit ITV series ‘Strange But True?’ – which ran from 1994 to 1997 and obtained over 12 million viewers (a fifth of the UK population) for several of its episodes – including one about the Rendlesham Forest case. Jenny also wrote the books that accompanied Strange But True? and made and presented a series of radio documentaries on the paranormal – ‘Fact or Fiction?’ for the BBC in Manchester.
Her lectures have been presented around the world at venues such as Wembley Centre in London, a casino on Australia’s Gold Coast, and she was the UK contributor to the ground breaking global abduction symposium held at MIT. She also addressed MPs and members of the Lords in the Houses of Parliament just days before the Rendlesham Forest case happened. But Jenny was always most at home doing her many free talks at schools, libraries and arts festivals and also raised money for charity by giving talks in the planetarium at the famous Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope and science centre.
Jenny has been a member of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) since 1970 and ran the investigation team between 1981 and 1994. Her only other public appearance during the past decade prior to this interview was a lecture by Skype to the London conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of BUFORA in 2012.



Dot Street had her first UFO encounter during 1977 . in her quest to find out what it was she had experienced she joined a local UFO group and then later she became an investigator for the national group Bufora of which Jenny Randles was the co-ordinator of investigations. Dot was contacted by Brenda Butler to join her in her investigations after hearing of the incident from a personal friend “ Steve Roberts” an airman at the Woodbridge / Bentwaters twin bases. Dots life was never to be the same as the investigations took over her family life. Her investigations took her the United States where she tracked down other investigators and witnesses. Dot along with Brenda and Jenny wrote the first ever book to be written on the Rendlesham forest Incident “ Skycrash” .
Dots story is a compelling one, she secretly recorded all her conversations .The contents of these tapes along with the large amount of material she amassed, some of which has never been published ,are currently being drafted into a book.

Source: Phenomenon News

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