Chuck DeCaro On Phenomenon Radio

Chuck DeCaro On Phenomeon Radio

November 20th 2015

Chuck de CaroAs an independent researcher he has worked intermittently with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment for the past two decades on an array of projects, including the creation of the world’s first military “Virtual Unit.” The unit, called AMOEBA (Aerobureau Matrix Organization for Effecting Behavioral Adjustments) was developed using Vermont National Guard volunteers under Colonel (later Major General) Bruce Lawlor.[10] This concept has been expanded into the ongoing 1st SOFTWAR Unit (Virtual) project.
de Caro prototyped a “flying news bureau” AEROBUREAU, converting a Lockheed L-188 Electra aircraft into a wholly self-contained aerial news studio, complete with information gathering capabilities with unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite up-links.

Source: Phenomenon News

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