Peter Gersten And Pat Frascogna

On Phenomenon Radio

October 29th 2015


Peter Gersten, is a criminal defense attorney who in 1977 brought suit in a U.S. District Court on behalf of Ground Saucer Watch against the Central Intelligence Agency. Pursuant to the FOIA lawsuit, the CIA in 1979 released over 900 pages of documents relating to the UFO phenomenon. They refused to release 57 documents, claiming national security considerations. On June 24th, 1980 Gersten brought suit against the National Security Agency on behalf of his own recently formed organization, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, for 135 UFO related documents. On November 18, 1980, based upon a NSA top secret affidavit, the Court dismissed the lawsuit stating that “the continued need for secrecy far out weighed the public’s right to know.” Peter now lives in Sedona conducting trips up Bell rock.



Pat Frascogna worked for California Congressman William M. Thomas as a legislative assistant. He prepared congressional hearing testimonies related to the Department of Energy, Forest Service, and the Department of the Interior including the Bureaus of Indian Affairs, Land Management, and Reclamation. After finishing law school he worked as public defender and later entered private practice. Pat Frascogna primarily focused on cases defending consumers against abuses by banks, credit card companies, consumer reporting agencies and debt collectors. Frascogna organized the Mississippi UFO Conference in 2011 and invited John Burroughs and Jim Penniston to give their presentation on the Rendlesham Forest incident. Both John Burrought and Jim Penniston suffered from medical problems associated with the events at Rendlesham Forest but the Government continued to ignore thier requests for help. Pat Frascogna took up the case shortly after the 2011 conference and today both men are recieving Medical Help. Pat Frascogna Has a B.Sc. degree in geology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Juris Doctorate from Mississippi College school of Law.
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John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe explore another depth of the UFO Phenomenon, Thursday, October 29th 2015. So come join us in the KGRA-dB chatroom or tune in through You can find out more about Phenomenon Radio as well as find links to more information on the show page.

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