Phenomenon Radio Premier with special guest Nick Pope

PRS  Updated BEGINS FINAL_edited-1Phenomenon Radio Premier with special guest Nick Pope

Tune in July 30th 8pm EST

Guest: Nick Pope

Nick Pope is a freelance British journalist and media commentator. He worked at the British Government’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) from 1985 to 2006. From 1991 to 1994 he investigated reports of UFO sightings for purposes of determining their defense significance. Nick Pope convinced the Defense Intelligence Services (DIS) to further look into these reports and this later became Project Condign. You can find out more about Nick Pope on his website at

John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe sit down with Nick Pope for Phenomenon Radio’s premier episode. With the MOD releasing more than 55,000 pages of their UFO files it’s time to figure out what we are really looking at. Hidden within those pages are references to one of the most famous cases in UFOlogy; The Rendelsham Forest Incident! This will be explored and the impact of previously obfuscated information brought to light.

“The irony is that ufologists (true believers and die-hard debunkers alike) are far more certain about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon than are those of us who have researched and investigated the subject officially, for the government.” -Nick Pope

So join us at on July 30th starting at 8PM EST and journey with us into the UFO Phenomenon.
CondignAppF4NonIonizingRadiationRedUnderlineByHoweFor more information about Project Condign check out this facebook article. Considerations, Note 12: Critical Listening, Charged Vernacular and Orwellian Doublespeak










See Nick Pope in Person at one of his upcoming public events:
StarworksUSA | Annual UFO Symposium

Source: Phenomenon News

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