September 8th broadcast — USAF Staff Sgt. Jim Penniston described time travelers from a distant future as key to what happened in the mysterious Rendlesham Forest phenomena of December 1980. Now comes new testimony from an Area 51 USAF “Commander of 177th Time Travel Division,” John Titor II, who describes his 1989 assignment to go in an American time travel aerial vehicle to the year 2050 in Earth’s future. The view was so shocking that the United States began looking for new planets to colonize.

Source: Phenomenon News

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  1. 5th October 2016 | Jojo says: Reply
    Great interview but surprisingly naive questions about 2018. Linda and John, you really can't understand why the elite want the majority of humanity to die? The rich don't want to stop the nuclear disaster because they know they will all be safe off-planet or underground until its over and then they will come back to repopulate and rule the earth with fewer people on it. Ever see the Georgia Guidestones?

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