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2nd Nick Pope Interview

On Thursday, November 26th, Nick Pope Joined John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe for a phenomenal interview. This interview earned Phenomenon Radio KGRA-dB’s Show Of The Week. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to it yourself.

Nick Pope is an author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope worked at the UK Ministry of Defense for 21 years. His postings included being assigned to the Joint Operations Center during the Persian Gulf War, where he was a briefer in the Air Force Operations Room. He left the MoD in 2006 after his final posting, in which he served as an acting Deputy Director in the Directorate of Defense Security.
Between 1991 and 1994 Nick Pope was posted to a division called Secretariat (Air Staff) where his duties included researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, mirroring the work done in America by the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book. Although most sightings could be explained as mis-identifications of known objects and phenomena, a small proportion appeared to defy any conventional explanation. These included cases where the witnesses were pilots, police officers and military personnel, cases where UFOs had been tracked on radar, and cases where there had been near-misses between UFOs and civilian aircraft. Nick Pope takes no position on the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, but can testify, based on his official research and investigation, that it raises important defense, national security and air safety issues.
While working on the MoD’s UFO project Nick Pope also looked into alien abductions, crop circles, ghost sightings at military bases, and people who claimed to have psychic abilities and wanted to volunteer their services to the UK’s intelligence agencies. When details of Nick Pope’s work became public, after the introduction of the UK’s Freedom of Information Act, the media started referring to him as the real Fox Mulder

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